About The Open Exchange

  • What is The Open Exchange?

    The Open Exchange, also known as the IODC Unconference, is a space where we can exchange experiences and learn from each other in a safe, horizontal manner. Conferences are a great place for hearing from thought leaders and networking during the breaks, but they are organised in a way that is less participatory that doesn’t maximise the knowledge of the participants. The Open Exchange will complement and contribute to the IODC.
  • Why Social Change?

    We want to get past the limitations of focusing on ‘Open Data’ itself and instead focus on the change we are so passionately involved in making. We want to think more clearly about the actions and activities where we utilise data and information in and how that contributes, supports or drives real positive change in our communities.

What can you do?

  • Learn new skills

    Learn how to facilitate a session in our pre-event webinars
  • Suggest a session

    Use our forum to ask suggest topics for sessions
  • Become a buddy and influence the event

    Shape the event by taking an active role in it
  • Develop new actions

    Turn ideas into actions for the IODC roadmap

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