What is the Open Exchange for Social Change?

The Open Exchange for Social Change is the official IODC unconference. The unconference will be an open and safe space for you to exchange thoughts,ideas and knowledge with your peers . Our primary focus of the event will be on how open data creates, contributes and supports social change. We want to better understand the actions we need to take to increase positive impact in our communities. Your ideas and actions will be feed into the main conference, and help us to set the goals for the IODC roadmap.

What is an Unconference?

An Unconference is a type of event or conference in which the agenda is created by the participants at the beginning of the day. This event philosophy and facilitation style is designed to maximise collaboration and peer to peer sharing. All participants are invited to propose and facilitate sessions and we encourage participants to attend and move between sessions as they see fit. In contrast to a more traditional event in which the agenda is set in advance by the organisers or a programme committee and sessions have a tendency to be highly structured, unconference sessions are participant driven, drawing on the expertise, skill sets and interests of the people in the room. The unconference structure aims to encourage dialog, creativity, idea exchange, and building a sense of solidarity and common purpose between participants.

See Become a Buddy below for more information on proposing a session and also the other ways that you can contribute to The Open Exchange.

Who can participate?

Anyone attending the IODC conference is welcome to join The Open Exchange. We encourage representatives from civil society, the media, the private sector and government to come along! Whether you’re a newbie to the open data world or seasoned veteran, your contribution to the discussion is essential. While we will be taking notes during the day, remote participation in real time will not be possible and therefore you’ll need to be in Madrid on October 4th in order to participate. Sadly, we can not offer travel support for this event.

Who is behind the Open Exchange for Social Change?

The Open Exchange for Social Change unconference is an official pre-event of the International Open Data Conference. It is led by Open Knowledge International, with the assistant of IODC steering committee members from IDRC, The Web Foundation, ILDA and Civica Digital. Dirk Slater from FabRiders will be the Lead Facilitator for the event

The buddy system

Don’t let the real time agenda creation fool you, large Unconferences such as this require an incredible amount of preparation and we need your help! If you are able to commit a few hours of your time to contribute to the Open Exchange, it would be most appreciated!

You can help by:

  • - Volunteering to facilitate a session
  • - Supporting new facilitators run sessions
  • - Helping to document the event and session outcomes
  • - Participating in our social media campaign to make sure the unconference outcomes feed effectively into the main event

We will be hosting a two hour online session where we will provide an overview of The Open Exchange, tips for facilitation and other useful information so when you show up on the 4th you know what you’re doing.

You can sign up for the workshop here

...And learn event and facilitation skills!

Creating an open exchange is a challenging task that requires skilled facilitation! We have therefore decided to share our facilitation expertise by hosting a number of training sessions before the event. In these online sessions, you will learn basic facilitation tips and tricks designed to help you both during the unconference and in your day to day work!

Will you provide lunch during the event?

We will not provide lunch during the event. Instead, we decided to use the money towards the IODC travel grants and allow three people from developing countries to attend the conference. We will collect 10 Euros in the morning from people who would like to order pizza with us. alternatively,people can purchase lunch next to the event's venue. Do not worry about caffeine, tea and coffee will be provided throughout the day.

I have a new idea / question / feedback. What is the best way to contact you?

We opened an Unconference category on the OKI discuss forum - Feel free to use them. No question is a silly question!If you you have a personal question, drop us a line at network-team@okfn.org